SolidSoft is a shower tray featuring innovation design, an advanced and patented manufacturing technology combined with the latest gen materials.

SolidSoft is based on highly versatile material, featuring low-density polyurethane which, thanks to a high-pressure process, is endowed with a “skin” that responds exceptionally well to water. An industrial process which provides technological precision, the latest material technologies and the artisanals work subtlety. Our textures are the result of a development process inspired by nature, created from natural stone then shaped through high precision industrial processes. The result is a unique product in the world, a revitalizing trip for the senses that makes you dive into a soft and relaxing surface.

Shower tray materials
Shower tray made process
Shower tray made process


Robust and durable surface. Solid Soft is long-lasting, anti-bacterial and highly resistant to UV radiation. A set of properties that makes SolidSoft an innovative and exclusive product.

SolidSoft is a flexible shower tray that provides huge advantages compared to a traditional shower tray. Easy to transport and install maintaining all the technical performance of this material over time. SolidSoft comes with a 10-year guarantee that covers its long lasting characteristics, UV radiation resistance and its antibacterial properties, as well as a waterproof and watertight surface. Its use on a daily basis makes it a unique non-slip ergonomic shower tray, soft, silent and easy to maintain and clean, among other features to highlight.


Transported and handled with simplicity (SolidSoft is 5 times lighter than conventional shower trays), the high durability of the material (polyurethane) and the possibility of its 100% recycling thanks to the existing modern recycling and energy recovery systems allow to reduce the environmental impact associated with the product. SolidSoft industrial production also raises awareness with the use of agents and technologies that contribute to minimize the environmental impacts.

Beautiful design of our shower trays
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