We have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about SolidSoft. You will probably find your answer here.

In a SolidSoft shower tray, slopes are integrated and only a flat and leveled surface is required for installation, which reduces installation time and complexity. The drainage capacity of the LinearDrain system is 30 l/m. Drainage capacity in the SquareDrain system is around 36 l/m if the waste drain supplied with the product is used.

Drain covers and grills are manufactured from brushed stainless steel AISI 304. Color matched grills are manufactured from stainless steel AISI 340 with a coat of heat epoxy paint. Gold and copper finishes are manufactured using PVD technology.

SolidSoft is a product made with a long-lasting material (polyurethane) with anti-bacterial and anti-mold components. SolidSoft is highly resistant to UV radiation. SolidSoft properties have been properly tested by certified laboratories and meet European UNE standards. SolidSoft comes with a 10-year guarantee that covers exclusive features such as resistance to the passage of time, UV radiation, as well as its antibacterial properties and its 100% waterproof surface.

Unique slate-effect product provides a reliable and secure grip preventing accidents and injuries in the bath-room. SolidSoft is the only product on the market with an ergonomic non-slip surface and soft (not rough) touch. SolidSoft is CLASS 2 (UNE41901:2017 EX) and CLASS B (DIN51097) certified.

SolidSoft is 100% waterproof and does not allow water to pass through. No additional sealing underneath is required, except under specific building requirements or regulations. To ensure the watertightness of the system and all joints, the recommended components and installation instructions should be used. Pre-installation of a perimeter waterproofing band is available on request.

The SolidSoft tray is suitable for the use of wheelchairs. It has enough rigidity to withstand the pressure transmitted by the weight of the wheelchair occupant concentrated at 2 points, as well as movement in the shower area without causing any visible marks. In addition, Solidsoft is reinforced with a galvanized steel plate all around the drain; no risk of cracks on this fragile area for conventional resin or acrylic shower trays.

If despite a bespoke service there is a need to cut off the tray for a final adjusts to the bathroom area, it must be done by specialized personnel and only on edges which that will eventually be against the wall or not visible. A sealing kit that contains the components best suited with the product is available upon request. You can also find the components in specialized DIY stores.

SolidSoft allows the installation of shower screens in the same way as an conventional shower tray. The residual indentation produced in the tray after the application of a linear load of 40 kg (88 lb) at room temperature simulating the constant load of a 8 mm shower screen is lower than 0.2 mm showing the good resilience of the tray.

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Install shower screens in which the weight is distributed longitudinally or supported by the wall. Do not use screws to install the shower screen. Only neutral cure silicone (non-acetic silicone) must be used.

If the bathroom is already equipped with a second siphon, you can remove the siphon function by removing the plug of the drain.
When installing the LinearDrain model, DO NOT REMOVE the plug UNLESS another siphon trap is installed.
IT CANNOT be installed later.

To ensure tightness in all joints, you must use the components recommended in the installation manual. These components can be easily found in specialty DIY stores or supply on request.

NEVER USE cementitious, rigid or quick-release adhesive components.

The tray has sufficient rigidity to support the weight of the rest of the elements such as tiling or shower screen provided that a correct installation is carried out following the manufacturer’s instructions and using the recommended components.

The shower tray can be installed on leveled wooden floors. For wooden floor installation use only water free parquet adhesives based upon polymers to bed the SolidSoft dawn (e.g. Soudal SMX-15P or similar). Do not use cement based or rigid sealants. We advise you to reinforce the floor (eg if you have a base on parquet) with a “wedi” type plate or a water-repellent OSB board. This will allow you to have a leveled and stable surface under the tray.

For routine cleaning, simply rinse with water and wipe with a soft, damp cloth. Use neutral detergents and mild products for the maintenance of the bathroom. Avoid prolonged exposure to cleaning products and rinse with plenty of water immediately afterwards. Strong abrasive, very acidic and very alkaline cleaning products, abrasive cleaning sponges, strong water and bleach are unsuitable.

Avoid nail polish, hair dyes and products with strong pigmentation. In case of contact, remove the product and rinse with plenty of water immediately afterwards.

SolidSoft has passed the cleanability and durability tests established by CE mark regulations. The chemical resistance of the material is correct for substances that are generally found in the bathroom environment.

To remove persistent stains, you must use the products appropriate to the type of stain, always avoiding the use of aggressive/abrasive products and long exposure times. Consult the installer’s guide for the appropriate products and recommended exposure time.


SolidSoft shower trays can be repaired if they have been damaged. You can ask us for a REPAIR KIT in the same color of the tray which is easy to apply.

SolidSoft comes in easy to handle carton. It can be transported and handled by just one person in a simple and convenient way. Pallets shipping is easy, convenient and cost efficient. SolidSoft shower trays are ultra-light (8 Kg / m2) and highly resistant to impacts.

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